Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trend We Love: Summer Skirts

Instead of wearing your usual Summer dress, why not try a fun, high waisted summer skirt?? We just love this trend because it’s versatile, figure flattering, and easy. Cute summer skirts are everywhere – all you need are a few staple pieces to mix and match to your heart’s content!
Floral printed skirts are a must-have for this summer, but you can’t ever go wrong with a high waisted skirt in a basic color. To achieve an exaggerated high-waist look, try buying a size smaller than you usually wear. This way the skirt will rest a little bit higher than your natural waist. Slim fitting tops and high waisted skirts make a perfect pair - especially tank tops and v-neck tees. If you are going for a dressier look, a chiffon top or ruffled blouse will make your look a little more polished.
This skirt trend is so popular, we’ve even seen dresses disguising themselves as skirt/top combinations… do you think they’re jealous?

This is the most basic and fool proof way to wear the high waisted skirt trend. This look is incredibly figure flattering- perfect for a first date, if you don’t want to seem over dressed.
For a more relaxed look, vintage and printed tees look amazing with high waisted skirts. They don’t have to be fitted, either – a blousy v-neck is one of my favorite pairings with a skirt.

When you’re tired of just wearing tanks with your high waisted skirt, try a light weight chiffon top. This feminine, tuxedo-esque top is a great match for this flirty, tiered skirt.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Vacation: What to Pack

Summertime is finally here, and for me that means one thing – The Beach! I just love people watching from my balcony at the end of the day, when everyone has washed off all the sand and put on their “post beach day” outfit. Some of my favorite beach essentials are airy tops and long dresses - a perfect compliment to bare feet and sun kissed cheeks.
Even though you spend 75% of your time in a swimsuit, packing for the beach can be a little challenging for some. Sunscreen: check, beach towel: check, US Weekly: check…now what else?
So whether you're lounging on the beach, or stepping out on the town, we've got you covered.

The brightly colored pattern of this dress is perfect for the beach! The peachy color palette will look great with your tan, and the soft cotton will be comfortable against your skin. Its long, flowing silhouette is perfect for a sunset stroll or a night out.

Bright colors and a roomy interior make this jute bag a definite beach essential. It has plenty of room to hold all of your beach reading material, or if you want to shake out the sand, use it as an everyday tote bag.

This embroidered top and shorts are perfect for the beach; you can mix and match both of them so easily. Denim shorts can go with practically anything, and this embroidered top would also look great with linen pants.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trend of the Week: Casual and Cool

Dressing down for some girls can be more of a challenge than it seems. How do you walk the line between just rolling out of bed and all done up? Draped tees in light fabrics and slouchy accessories are a perfect compliment to cut off shorts and boyfriend jeans. Or, for a more polished look, racerback tanks and simple tees look great tucked in to high waisted shorts and trouser jeans. Shoulder bags and strappy sandals are some summer staples that will make your daytime outfit effortless, cool, and comfortable. A casual outfit can be stylish… just stay away from the Nike running shorts and white v-necks.

Layering with a racerback tank is probably one of my favorite ways to accessorize – and it definitely adds a little depth to this flutter sleeve top. This outfit is great for a day of shopping, or even a lunch date. The earrings and bronze sandals add a little glitz to this casual look.

The once-questionable, now widely-accepted jean cut off shorts a definite essential for the summer. Pairing them with a breezy white top creates an “easy” silhouette, which looks great with fringed thong sandals. To make this look even more relaxed, throw on a long strap shoulder bag.

For a more preppy, casual look, try this draped jersey knit tee with these high waisted denim shorts. Since this top is a little plain, you can accessorize with long necklaces, or even a floral headband.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Trend of the Week: Zippers

Zipper details have definitely evolved since they first made their appearance back in the 80’s. This spring, zippers are exposed! Instead of just hiding in the back, zipper details are appearing all over garments, shoes, and handbags.
Our favorite way to wear the zipper trend is on the pockets and legs of skinny pants. Since this trend is quite masculine, we recommend creating flirty proportions with airy tops in curvy cuts. By mixing girly elements with this rocker-inspired trend, you can add a little zip to your look.
This dress is full of unique detail with an exposed zipper and fun, geometric print. Wear the zipper half way open with a bright tank or bandeau underneath – try perky colors such as electric blue, pink, and yellow.

Zippers are no longer just a way to get in & out of your jeans. These details give a street-style vibe to just “any old jeans.” Bring this trend up to date by pairing zippered jeans with a slouchy tank, fringed handbag, and metallic gladiators.

These shoes are a great way to create a bold statement for evening, with angular shapes and back zipper detail. Try channeling Billy Idol by pairing these shoes with a cropped motorcycle jacket… Rebel Yell!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trend of the Week


Love is in the air, and this spring designers are serving up dreamy pieces that are sure to catch Fabio’s eye. The Romantic trend is all about femininity, with ruffled collars, floral chiffons, and lace. Pale pastels, corals, and beiges add a flirty touch to more structured elements such as blazers and skinny jeans. The Romantic trend is a great way to add charm to your look, but be careful… a little bit of this trend goes a long way. We’ll show you how to pull off this lady-like look without seeming as if you’ve just stepped out of Pride and Prejudice.

This cameo statement necklace is the perfect way to add a little romance to any simple top or dress. To really play-up the Romantic trend, try pairing it with a half open top for Victorian perfection.

You’re never fully dressed without a hair accessory. Add feminine flair to your outfit with these hand-made headbands by Meredith Lachin. They are so precious and come in various color/fabric combinations.

Floral prints go hand-in-hand with the Romantic theme. The antique roses and pastel hues on this scarf are a great way to add a little “something” to a casual Sunday morning outfit.

Get in touch with your softer side with this ruffled top. This translucent silk blend is subtly sexy – giving you a hint of what’s underneath. Wear it with a coral tank to give this top a little life.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trend of the Week

Birds of a Feather

Birds and feathers have been an existing trend for some time now and this Spring the bird trend is un caged! We’ve seen everything from feather graphic prints to vintage-inspired appliqués. Little bird details are even adorning earrings, rings, headbands, and necklaces; so cute! Whether it is vintage or bohemian, here are some of our favorite bird and feather pieces that are perfect for Spring ’09.

Voom by Joy Han is probably our favorite line we carry at Vertigo. Every time we receive a shipment, we “ooh and ahh” over every piece that comes in. These two dresses from her Spring ’09 collection are quintessential Voom: beautifully funky.
This strapless denim dress with bird appliqué is such a fun Spring dress. Its dressy silhouette and casual denim material make it very versatile. Wear it in the daytime with flats, or dress it up with some metallic wedges.

Or, for an even dressier look, the navy silk dress is so elegant and appropriate for Spring. Plus, that peacock is amazing!!

These earrings and necklace are the perfect way to add a vintage touch to any outfit. Great to wear with simple tanks and tees!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trend of the Week

We've been seeing a lot of fun colors and prints emerge for Spring, and the Watercolor Print is running rampant all over dresses, tops, handbags, and even jewelry. These dramatic prints make a bold statement, while maintaining a sense of femininity. Here are a few of our favorite picks, one of which will surely make it in to your Spring wardrobe. Don't forget to check out our "Looks of the Week" to see how we worked some of these pieces in to knock-out ensembles.

The mini floral embroidery adds a casual touch to this adorable top, which looks great paired with white denim and a simple necklace. The combination of embroidery and an elaborate pattern makes the top a little “heavy.” Pairing it with neutral pieces makes the top the focal point of the outfit.

Thick brush strokes cascade down this beautiful maxi dress, just as if it was a canvas itself. We just love the flowing chiffon overlay, and how it makes this dress effortlessly elegant. When accessorizing this dress, keep it simple. An understated pair of earrings and metallic flat sandals are all you need to compliment this gorgeous dress.

This sateen bubble top is an alternative take on the watercolor print, with less literal brush strokes of lavender, yellow, and teal. It is perfect to wear tucked-in to a high waisted skirt or with dark skinny jeans. Try wearing it under a fitted blazer, the sharp contrast of textures and colors will add a modern twist to this 80’s inspired print.